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Lay a Lawn is a well established Lawn Company that strives to provide professional services in instant lawn installation.

Our core belief system stems from attention to detail and exceeding client’s expectations. A lawn paves the way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any residential establishment or commercial environment such as an office park.

A tidy and well-kept lawn ensures that a property owner can enjoy maximum benefits of return on investment and proves to multiply the value of the home.

The lawns available from Lay a Lawn is especially applicable to private and commercial projects, for instance: private homes, housing complexes, factory sites, parks and play areas, sports fields, golf courses and school grounds as well as special orders for film companies, landscapers and garden services.

The instant lawn is harvested with a sod cutter that cuts the sods in 1m by 45cm by 5cm thick sods.  The sods are normally rolled up for easier handling.  We sell the instant lawn per meter squared.  Prices will be provided on request of a quote and can be given telephonically.

We have a versatile range of grass that can be planted in almost any context or environment.

Aspects such as maintenance and weather conditions also play a significant role in landscaping and lawn instalments. Rest assured that Lay a Lawn will give expert advice concerning the installation of lawns and gardens.

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