Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum), originates from the East African highlands and is the most common garden lawn grown throughout South Africa in gardens and sports fields. It has a bright green colour and forms a dense mat. Kikuyu is a soft, fast growing grass with a deep root system. It needs regular maintenance – especially in the summer months in the Western Cape – for instance regular mowing and watering. In winter it does not go into a complete dormant period and instant lawn can be planted right through the year.

On the other hand, runners must rather be planted in spring, just before the growing season starts for the best results. If one plants Kikuyu lawn during the colder months, it does not grow very fast, but during the rainy season, a lot of water can be saved and once the hot weather starts, your lawn is established.

Kikuyu has a fairly high wear ability and ability to recuperate well (because of its deep root system). It however has a very poor shade tolerance and tends to invade the rest of your garden if not maintained well. Kikuyu lawn can be established either by instant lawn (sods), runners, plugs or seeds.

Our company supplies the instant lawn or runners. (Plugs are just runners grown in trays – the same results are obtained by planting runners, a much cheaper option.) Seeding is not always recommended for garden lawns. The seeds are very expensive and takes a long time to establish. One must also keep off the seeded area for quite a long time to allow the seeds to establish.

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Buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secondatum) is a creeping surface runner. It is a much hardier, coarser lawn with a short, broad leaf and is a very slow grower. Buffalo goes into a dormant period during winter, but keeps its colour during the colder period. It is advised to plant this grass during the hotter seasons. Buffalo lawn can be planted by instant lawn as well as runners. Runners must be planted fairly close together, for it takes quite a long period to cover.

It needs less maintenance – one does not have to mow it so often and due to its shallow root system, it can survive with less water. It is a bit more drought resistant, but tends to turn a reddish colour during the dry seasons if not maintained well. It nevertheless revives quite fast with a small quantity of water. It can be planted in full sun as well as semi shade areas. It forms a dense, course mat and must not be mowed too short. It is an indigenous grass that grows well in sandy areas and is less invasive than most other grasses i.e. next to paved areas and flower beds.

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Cynodon dactylon, commonly known as “bloukweek” or “Kaapse kweek”, is a fine grass with a deep root system and is very invasive and difficult to get rid of. It is a drought resistant and heavy traffic tolerant grass that can lie dormant for a long time and tends to take over from other grasses when neglected.

It grows rapidly during the hotter seasons, but goes dormant during the colder months and turns a straw colour during winter. It turns green again in spring. To obtain a beautiful lawn, high maintenance is required.

Cynodon does not grow well in shady areas and during extreme cold periods.

It is very suitable for low maintenance and heavy traffic areas, such as parks, play areas and along roadsides. Cynodon is popular in coastal areas for its toughness and quick recovery. Cynodon mixed with Kikuyu works well for sports fields, school grounds and play areas.

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LM also known as Berea lawn (Dactylocenium australe) is an indigenous grass that is mostly found in the Northern provinces. It is suitable for heavy shaded areas where other grasses tend to struggle, but also grows well in full sun.

It is a surface runner, that grows vigorously during summer, but goes into a complete dormant period during winter. Therefore it must never be mowed too short.

LM is a soft grass and does not tolerate heavy traffic. Its texture is similar to Kikuyu lawn and can be combined in areas with full sun as well as deep shade. It is a loosely knitted lawn that grows well in sandy soil.

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We manufacture and supply a well fermented organic chicken manure compost. Our compost is high in Nitrogen.
This stimulate root growth and supply all over nourishment for lawn as well as flowers, vegetable, trees and shrubs.
Before laying new lawn a thin layer of compost is recommended to stimulate root growth.
To keep your lawn in a healthy condition a thin layer of compost can be spread, this method is very popular in the
Spring months when lawn is entering it’s growth period, give plants growing in the soil a fresh and healthy look
about them.
For the convenience of our customers we supply compost for collection per cube (m³)or per 30dm bag.

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Topsoil / Lawn Dressing

We have a compost enriched Topsoil available to use as a topdressing or filling up of uneven services.
Topsoil can also be used to full up big planter boxes and is good medium to replace dead soil.
Topsoil can be collected per cube (m³) or per 30dm bag

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